Eggsplore the Unseen: Discover the Magic of Invisible Eggs

Embark on a journey to explore a hidden world of unique artistic creations, where imagination has no limits and possibilities are endless with Invisible Eggs NFTs

About Us What is Invisible Eggs

Invisible Eggs is where art meets technology in a world of endless possibilities. We create unique and innovative NFTs that bring digital art to life in ways you've never seen before. Each Invisible Eggs NFT is a masterpiece that's one-of-a-kind and verified on a blockchain for secure ownership and trading.

JAN - JUNE 2024

  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Dynamic Website Programing
  • Blockchain Whitelist Functionality
  • Invisible Eggs Sticker Production
  • User Application for Stickers
  • Limited Edition Invisible Eggs T-Shirts/Mugs
  • Meet Us at Crypto Expo Dubai 2024

JUL - 2024

  • Whitelist Launch
  • BLEEGS Memes Launch

AUG - 2024

  • Golden Egg Announcement

SEP - 2024

  • Media Interview
  • Media Campaigns
  • Influncers Campaigns
  • Publish to NBC, Forbs, FOX, USA Today and more...

OCT - 2024

  • The Grand Minting Day - Our Community
  • Secure Your Complimentary NFT to Gain Entry into the VIP Clubhouse

NOV - 2024

  • The Grand Minting Day - Public
  • Secure Your Complimentary NFT to Gain Entry into the Clubhouse

DEC - 2024

  • Staking Participation Opening for Holders
  • Membership Activation for The Eggs Holders Club in Dubai
  • Exclusive Access to Holders' Clubhouse in Dubai

JAN - 2025

  • First Yearly Party
  • Exclusive Holder Meet-up

FEB - 2025

  • Staking Platform Launch
  • Unveiling of Next Project
  • Collaborate With Clothing Brands
  • Collaborate With Shoe Brands
  • Launch of InvisibleEggs Apparel and Footwear Line

Our NFTs The Egg of a Kind: Discover the Rarity of our 1 in 5001 Invisible Egg NFT


Behold the rarity of our 1 in 5000 Invisible Eggs NFT, featuring the unique and stunning gold egg. This one-of-a-kind digital asset is a masterpiece that captures the essence of beauty and rarity. The gold egg is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and success, and owning this NFT is a testament to your taste for exclusivity.


Our TeamMeet Our Creative Team


5,001 unique tokens on the Etherium blockchain. There will be 5001 invisible egg available in the inaugural release.
XXXX BLEGGS Your NFT is your Pass to Our Community
Each account is permitted to hold 1 NFT only; holding more will result in suspension.
Yes, we’ll allow our whitelist members to mint a month before public minting.
Whitelist roles will be given out through giveaways, collaborations, and by hand to our most active and dedicated members. Be sure to join our Discord!
Yes, you are able to resell on the OpenSea platform at anytime you see fit.
Being a part of our Discord or social community grants you the privilege to be the first to know when the whitelist begins.

Our Community